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What is the role of car painting?


The role of car coating:

1. Protection: Automobiles have a wide range of uses, a wide range of activities, and a complex operating environment. They are often eroded by moisture, microorganisms, ultraviolet rays, and other acid-base gases, liquids, etc., and are sometimes damaged by abrasion and scraping. If it is coated with paint, it can protect the car from damage and prolong its service life.

This is because, after the surface of the car body is painted, the basic material of the parts is isolated from the atmospheric environment, which acts as a "shield" to prevent corrosion. On the other hand, some coatings can also act as a corrosion inhibitor for metals. For example, phosphating primers can use the chemical components inside the coating to react with the metal to passivate the metal surface.

2. Decorative function: modern cars are not only practical means of transportation, but more like a kind of art. The color of the vehicle body matches the color of the interior of the car, coordinates with the color of the environment, and adapts to people's hobbies and the sense of the times. The fusion of gorgeous colors and graceful lines constitutes the plastic art of the car.


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