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What are the types of automobile testing equipment?


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Automobile maintenance testing equipment: 1 set. Maintenance equipment: lifts, etc. 2. Detection and analysis equipment: detection line, exhaust gas analyzer, decoder, light meter, oscilloscope, refrigerant injector, smoke meter, endoscope, etc.

Automobile testing equipment: Automobile speedometer testing platform; Automobile speedometer testing platform; Automobile sideslip testing platform; Automobile weighing tester; Weighing batching table; automobile chassis dynamometer; front wheel steering performance detector; automobile suspension clearance instrument; automatic vehicle inspection system; motorcycle inspection line; motor vehicle mobile inspection line; motor vehicle safety technology inspection line; engine synthesis Analyzer; flat brake test bench; car suspension device resonance test platform.

Various elevators; body calibration system; four-wheel aligner; fault detection analyzer; computerized tire balance tester; scraper machine, disassembly machine; spray booth; pneumatic tools, hand tools, etc. ; forming and repair equipment and tools; starting and charging power supply equipment, maintenance test stands and machine tool processing equipment; vulcanizing presses, tire repair machines; molding machines and welding equipment; purification systems; True air pumps; paint mixing equipment; paint baking machines and charging machine; cleaning machine; nitrogen charging machine, butter filling machine; balancing machine and various hydraulic tools.

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